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The Non-Canon Expert explains why Darth Vader continued to remain loyal to Darth Sidious and his path upon the dark side after the Clone Wars and the events of Mustafar, despite having lost Padme and his original motivations for joining the Sith, as seen in both the former Legends and current Canon material.


22 thoughts on “Why Vader Remained Loyal to Sidious After the Clone Wars and Mustafar (Canon vs. Legends Series)”

  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a quick heads up that tomorrow I will be posting an announcement/update video explaining our plans to include weekly reviews of Star Wars novels and comics (Canon and Legends) here on the channel, as well as how you can participate in weekly giveaways of these materials for the rest of the year. We are becoming a REAL Star Wars reading club beginning next Monday. 馃檪

    I will explain more in tomorrow's video, but I want to give you all a huge thank you for your support since I returned a month ago (not to mention during the lifetime of this channel!). I wouldn't be able to do any of this without you all and I can't thank you enough. Enjoy today's video everyone!

  2. In Star Wars return of the jedi, Luke begs Vader to leave with him, and Vader says" No,it is too late for me my son." So it kinda fits the cannon explination, of realizing that there is nothing left, but the dark side.

  3. The price had been paid. Buyer beware. I think you said it all in that 1 sentence. It was all he had left as he seen it. What I would question…..if he did feel the regret for his choice. What if while away from the emperor. Obi wan showed up with a baby.

  4. That was also his motivation in legends too in the RotS novelization. After waking up in his new suit he tried to crush Sidious but was so reduced he couldn't and then it tragically says, "You try and reach out to crush the shadow that twisted you into what you are now but you can't touch the shadow, you are so much less than you were…and in the end you don't even want to…because the shadow is all you have left." The shadow being Palpatine so canon just borrowed from existing material

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