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When it comes to popularity versus screen-time, there may be no bigger winner than Boba Fett. For decades, fans have been fervently buying action figures, comics, and novels featuring the world’s favorite bounty hunter. Sorry, Dog. People love Fett, even though he has about four lines of dialogue in the entire Original Trilogy before being knocked into a giant pit by a blind guy. Because of his popularity and his limited screentime, it would be easy to think that Boba Fett doesn’t have any hidden secrets. However, the truth is that there’s still plenty you probably don’t know about this mysterious character from a galaxy far, far away…

His first real appearance | 0:37
All white | 1:30
The big bad | 2:22
Taking action | 2:59
Fett’s many origins | 4:22
He’s survived a fight with Vader | 5:47
Eight is enough | 7:00
King of the Mandalorians | 7:58
Fett’s family | 9:07

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19 thoughts on “What Only True Star Wars Fans Know About Boba Fett”

  1. He was seen in a new hope! Am I the only one that didn’t notice home when Han is negotiating with Jabba at the landing pad! Watch it back and you’ll see him very much alive in the background!

  2. Whoa. I believe Boba Fett could have done well if he used the Darksaber he really would have Killed Vader. He had a lot fierce and stubborn resistance to being Force Choked or any Kind of Bodily Pain/Injury. That was required of Chinese Xiaolin Monks who still train their own bodies to withstand Slashes, Cuts, or Injury of any kind. I also saw exactly how they do this.

  3. The truth about Fett is, when he fell into the pitt, that thing tickled his sphincter, and he liked it! I'm up next fellas! At home my wife calls me "Fettie", just to tease me, because she knows the things I like. Don't tell ; )

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