What is ForcePower?

One’s potential is rooted in one’s ability to think clearly. By this I mean that one has the ability to structure thought in a logical, reasoned manner and through this venture can arrive at the proper conclusions to fit one’s modality of life. This is our power, and the expression of that power is its force.

Yet not all things operate in the Light. Conflict abounds. Each and every day we are bombarded with confrontation. Either we stand up and defend our selves, or we falter into failure.

In my life, I’ve often made the mistake of weakness, in allowing others to rule over me and destroy my potential. It is in the path of darkness, that path of Individuality that I found a backbone by which to mitigate the negativity of others.

This site is dedicated to the discussion and perpetuation of the message of Individuality, as well as clear thinking. At times I will mention (for allegory) fictional tales (from ancient stories, or modern films like Star Wars). Note, that this is not a fan fiction site, nor is it the work of a role-player. These ideas towards true Self and Individuality will be considered in opposition to societal goals, and as such people might cry, “this is satanic…”

Perhaps it is Satanic… if I believed in the name Satan. I don’t, as I don’t adopt the Christian mythos. This is a study of philosophy, psychology, mental defense, social survival and magic – all with the goal of Individuality.

“Isn’t everyone an individual?” Hardly. Most people fall in line with what they were taught as children. Their religion, politics, social queues, all the implants of others.

The Individuality I refer to is not a human path, but one that expands beyond. In my bias, I believe that the true Individual is expansive. A being beyond the confines of physicality. This is the goal and the work herein is guided by philosophy, clear thinking, mental acuity and spiritual practice.

Logic, reason, science and of course metaphysics are all worthy topics here, as is hatred, anger, frustration and sadness. Pain is as much a tool to the work, as is logic.

This site is not about armchair theorizing, but more to the point of how to improve one’s life on a mental, as well as spiritual level. Topics including religion, anti-religion, spirituality and ethics will be quite common here.

A sibling site resides alongside this one. The other site is more focused on the work of Left Hand Path spirituality and occultism. For those interested, consider checking out

What do you think?

Written by Skotadi

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