One’s potential is rooted in one’s ability to think clearly. By this I mean that one has the ability to structure thought in a logical, reasoned manner and through this venture can arrive at the proper conclusions to fit one’s modality of life. This is our power, and the expression of that power is its force.

This site is about Philosophy and Metaphysics. Logic, reason, science and of course metaphysics are all worthy topics here. I am not an expert by any means. I have no degree in Philosophy, but I examine my life on a daily basis. This site, is an expression of my internal dialogue on these matters noted above.

I hope to share ideas, relay information and provide links to source material and philosophical content. As I’m a beginner, you may find my opinions change from time to time. I will be very clear on this matter… I chose the right to change my mind. There may be mistakes in my assessment of an idea, and in time I may correct such mistakes. As I grow through philosophical discourse, I may also alter my direction of belief.

At all times, however, this site is not about armchair theorizing, but more to the point of how to improve my life on a mental, as well as spiritual level. Topics including religion, anti-religion, spirituality and ethics will be quite common here.

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