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33 thoughts on “War of the Realms "Everything You Need To Know" | Comicstorian”

  1. For those curious, right now my goal is to bring you extra videos so we can catch up on all of these storylines I left hanging and get you current on comics. Scheduling the Comicstorian channel is a lot harder than you think, but were moving quickly. (Yes Batman No Mans Land and Mortal Kombat are coming back to conclude soon) Avengers No Road Home will wrap tomorrow, I'm working through Teen Titans and Wolverine Goes to Hell and now that we finished Infinity Wars I want to jump RIGHT into War of the Realms. We have a rule in house to not release a comic within 2 weeks of its release and I feel at this point we can start to cover War of the Realms without breaking it. Expect the official beginning next week.

  2. The name butchering did indeed start but it's OK, you can do this.
    Svartalfheim is probably not supposed to be pronounced as one word (I dunno, I'm a Swede, and while that word has roots that extend to all Nordic languages Swedish tends to be the most boring of them all, so take what I say with a grain of salt.) since it's comprised of three words put together: svart meaning black, alf meaning elf (really more of a generic nomenclature for the nordic versions of the fey) and heim which signifies the world of origin. So it's literally "The world of the dark elves", or black elves technically, but everyone else calls them dark so whatever.

  3. Thanks for all your videos man. Without you and comics explained idk what I would do. Our town comic store closed so now all we got is the internet. Idk if it's just in my part of the country or what but I feel like comic stores have taken a big hit.

  4. Hey I know this doesnt have anything to do with the video, but I have a question about Endgame, spoilers ahead. When hulk snapped and brought back everyone, they came back to where they last were, and at this point some people would be on an airplane in the air. Would they fall and plummet to earth, or appear back on the plane. What would happen to them or is it just assumed they all survived?

  5. really last I checked only the mcu made it planet based and kinda hazy, as in the comics they either used the Bifrost or other kinds of portals and teleportation

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