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24 thoughts on “Vicious SJW Attacktivist™ Accuses Her Former Employer, Oni Press, Of "Racial Violence"”

  1. She/They? Make up you mind. It's either She/Her or They/Them.
    But let's just trust the mentally ill woman who can't decide whether she's an individual woman or a collection of people about her incredible and unprovable accusations.

  2. Here is what all of these whiners don’t get “All jobs suck when you begin” there is a learning curve for any new skill or higher level. In any office you have be the new guy and EARN your place in the organization. The only way work would not be challenging is if you were either extremely lazy and not trying or working a job that takes little to no skill.

  3. I’d like to thank her for doing her best to never be hired again. Her Twitter bio: desiree—Black, biracial, queer—she/they—crying abt comics and everything else professional inquiries: desitorial(at)

    Professional inquiries? Madam has a sense of humour. Nobody running a serious business Touch this freak with a barge pole. That she has since added “[unionize comics!]” to her Twitter handle is like adding a confession in a case where the murder took place on live TV and in front of an audience of millions. I wouldn’t hire this person if they were the best in their field.

  4. Too true. People who are actually marginalized don't lead with it; Christians didn't go around telling Roman's about their faith. If she wants to know what true marginalization looks like, she should proclaim her Trump support in Portland. Good luck with that princess.

  5. I can see this interview. " what are your qualifications… i am bi and a minority….no what are your job qualifications…i already told you….thank you we will get back to you….the racist bigot didnt hire me becuase a bi minorty". Seems about right.

  6. She sounds like the mean fat chick who finally got shit by James McAvoy's character in Wanted.
    That movie although derided took me back to so many call centre jobs I did at night while studying my degree. Loved Office Works, but hadn't been there myself yet!

  7. The quote is: "Fast, Good, or Cheap. You can only choose 2. You can have it good & fast, but it won't be cheap. You can have it good & cheap, but it won't be fast. Or you can have it fast & cheap, but it won't be good."

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