True Self

Who Are You?

Who are you?  What are you?  Every spiritual tradition gives a guideline.  They tell you what you are supposed to do, how you are to behave, yet they often neglect the first question: What are we?  Are we a body?  A spirit? A soul?  What do those words even mean? 


For myself, I discovered my truth.  Keep in mind this is my truth and as such, it may not be your truth.  What I’m about to reveal here is something you’ll need to discover for yourself.  However, from my own personal work I have discovered that the Self is an every expanding experience.  At one end of a spectrum there’s the human experience, an incredibly limited experience.  At the other end of the spectrum there’s the purely expansive experience. 


Our expansive experience is so strange to our limited understanding that often when discovered, we think it something external.  We may call it a “god,” or an “angel.”  Able to empower us with truth and reality changing direction, we approach the greatest of ourselves and think it something foreign. 


My truth came to me in a realization that every spiritual path I traversed felt the same.  I felt the same deep spiritual truth over and over again.  Whether I was a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Rosicrucian, mystic or occultist, there was a single presence always in the work.  The work, although varied in these different tapestries, always held the same presence.


How was I feeling the same presence?  Was there one god behind all these beliefs?  No.  It didn’t make sense… after all, Buddhism had no concept of a god.  I came to realize that there was my own Higher Self, that expanded experience that filled my universe.  I was taking it with me, and thinking it the god of each tradition and religion. 


That realization changed my whole world view. 


The Self, that true self, is the totality of experience.  From the most mundane experience, to the most expanded (and all points in between), this is the totality of Self.   Where one’s consciousness resides, is where one’s experience sits.  If you only accept, you’re a human body, than that’s all you’ll ever see (or become).  However, if one is open to become everything, than anything is possible. 


The Greatest expression of Self is the best guide.  Many times, I have said, “No Masters, Gurus or Dogma.”  Who can instruct better than your own greatest self?   Following an external “master” will only make a person a copy of the master.  An internalized master, however, is a different story.  These are your creations.


Internalized masters are the perfected ideal.  These are images, concepts or views of other beings (whether real or imagined).  It could be a saint, a dead guru, or a fictional character.  These masters are your creations and they come from the tapestry of the force of All (that creative force that binds and directs all of us).


Discovery of the Higher Self is the first step.  It is becoming the Higher Self that is the next step.  Through that becoming one can also take part in creation… creating the masters and guiding forces, to further assist development into deeper states of True Self. 


This is my process, as briefly illustrated here.