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Twisted Toonz Was the best thing ever I was waiting for this all day at Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016 and i’m so glad i got to see this Tom Kenny, Jess Garnell, Bill Farmer, Grey Delisle, Jason Isaacs Are So amazing and full of energy They are the best Voice actors ever!!!

Here is part 2:

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12 thoughts on “Tom Kenny, Jess Harnell, Bill Farmer, Grey Delisle, Read Star Wars Episode VII Twisted Toonz”

  1. Im hoping the next Twisted Toonz panel
    I wanted to see is
    Tom Kenny,Bill Farmer,Tara Strong,Jim Cummings and Steve Blum possibly but if not Rob Pauslen with DAN CASTELLANETA as a special voice actor since i love his voice when does Homer.

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