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43 thoughts on “This Bootleg Star Wars Comic Is Insane”

  1. I remember when my church went on a trip to China, while there everyone got Beats by Dre for a stupid low cost.
    Coming back everyone was boasting about their top top of the line headphones they got for 30$
    I grabbed my sisters old beat up solos being held together with duct tape and melted plastic, btw ofourse everyone got the more expensive models and i went up to a group of my fellow church going aquaintances and said "try these"

    I broke alot of pride that day lololololol

  2. Oh to only be able to witness "that guy" from China who came to Amerika (in 1977) to see the movie. After so many days & nights of partying with hippies, his memory of star wars was slightly convoluted. So, that's what he brought back. To the best of his recollection, his faded memory of the original Star Wars! What I'd give to time travel back to that board meeting listening to "that guy" trying to recollect the entire movie. Too funny.

  3. I mean you'd expect China to be the king of fake considering their name is The people's "republic"…REPUBLIC. Should be The people's commune. Just like how Putin is a "president" yeah, riiiight. Love what Putin is doing for Russia and he seems like a cool person to get to know personally but he's not a president.

  4. They do not miss anything much by not watching sequels, if they were good enough, they would be liked, just not breaking the laws of your fictional universe might have had improved that a lot.

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