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32 thoughts on “Superman Annual 11, READ MOORE COMIX”

  1. Not only are you two 2/5ths of my favorite cartoonists today (2019), you have also cut through a cynicism that made me forget how much I absolutely loved this issue. Thanks for helping me remember.

  2. Great job as always, guys. One note on the art: Gibbons was especially inspired by the classic Wally Wood visuals on the MAD "SuperDuperMan" story, and he wanted to give Superman the same shadows and weight that Wood gave the satirical vision. Then, of course, he carried that idea over into Watchmen.

  3. The Supreme books, and the accompanying "Awesome Universe" would be interesting as discussion material, because it shows how Moore thought about constructing a line of knockoff books that had a better understanding of the source material than its custodians. As an extension on the Superman/Wonder Woman dynamic, I hope you'll consider the challenge of Moore's Twilight of the Superheroes story, which was perhaps too twisted for DC to pull the trigger on, though they did strip mine it of ideas for some lesser comics. It only exists as a proposal, easily accessible on the internet, but perhaps you could generate some visuals of your own. Moore paints a pretty vivid picture for you to be inspired by.

  4. His Eddie Campbell collaborations – From Hell, Birth Caul or Disease of Language. Also some of his obscure stuff that isn't super expensive/rare like Light of thy Countenance & the BoJeffries Saga.

  5. I'd love to hear ya'll talk about Tom Strong! I've always been super into the Golden Age, science hero gimmick, and that book really underscores how much Moore likes superheroes, despite what people think based on just reading Watchmen.

  6. Great. great breakdown!!!!!!! You all are killing it with this stuff!!!!!!! (And damn Tom!!! Hit me right to the core with the "Rejecting the Call To Adventure" stuff!!!)

  7. Great episode. Glad to hear you talking Supreme, it's far and away the best Superman run. The LOEG Nemo series would make for fun episodes as it's lighter than the main series and so much of it is cheeky pop culture references and allusions.

  8. I've cited this story as why Robin is a viable character and not completely a silly throwback to a more quaint time. He exists to be the spoiler in Batman stories, the one you disregard and find out to your chagrin (if you're the villain) that you underestimated him. Batman has trained young adolescents (ruthless and morally ambiguous in their own right due to their stage in brain development) in hardcore urban warfare with an emphasis on using the environment to their advantage. If you only concentrate on the big scary guy dressed in dark colors, the kid you think is a nuisance will screw you up before you realize what's happened. Moore demonstrated this perfectly in this story.

  9. This probably won't get any vote but mine BUT, Moore did some great stories in the Vigilante comic for DC in the mid 80's. If you fellows could do a video on a couple issues (especially issue 17) that would be fantastic. Thanks.

  10. @Cartoonist Kayfabe Do you really want to know why most british writers are so good..?? Because there is an entire industry of european comicbooks, with DOZENS of artists who were doing things as good as everything alan moore or grant morrison have ever written, back in the 60s, or even before… Im talking about writers like Charlier, Jean Van-Hamme, Robin Wood… People who are as good as alan moore, frank miller, or morrison.. And people who influenced them greatly xDxD

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