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Pick up Vader’s Quest here: After Darth Vader’s narrow escape from the destruction of the Death Star, the Dark Lord is consumed with a desire to find the Force-strong young pilot who fired the fatal shot. For Luke Skywalker represents the heart and soul of the Alliance, and perhaps, for Vader, he represents much, much more. #StarWars #DarthVader

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39 thoughts on “Star Wars: Vader's Quest – Back Issues”

  1. Welcome, Jason! Hey Sal, is this your friend who you've said would have originally been on Back Issues if he hadn't moved away? Was he home for the holidays and got a spot on the couch?

  2. So true story: I was watching this and fell asleep (not because it was boring!!!). Woke up and had lost my spot. YouTube really needs a ‘continue where you left off button’

  3. A Croatian artist…… well I guess that’s the closest my culture can get to a person in the industry sharing my nationality

    Maybe one day someone from Montenegro will

    Here comes the politics….

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