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THE STAR-CROSSED LOVER! DARTH VADER, a name that strikes fear in the hearts of countless across the galaxy…but there is one lonely heart that beats just for him. What is it like to be in love with LORD VADER? And what fate will befall one who is infatuated with the tall, dark mystery behind the mask?

Star Wars: Vader: Dark Visions #3 is an absolutely delightful mess of a comic book. I’m not a fan of this particular Vader series. The first 2 Vader series under Marvel Comics by Kieron Gillen and Charles Soule expanded the mythos surrounding Vader. This Star Wars: Vader: Dark Vision’s series takes a new approach. It’s explores how people view Vader. I already saw the original trilogy, so I don’t really need confirmation Vader is a powerful force wielder and truly villainous character. Star Wars: Vader: Dark Visions Issue one was good fan fiction with great art but did nothing for Vader the character. Issue two was a terrible story with bad art and not really worth anyone’s time. Issue three on the other hand is still pointless and the art isn’t great but man is it entertaining. I only read this issue because I saw the cover in the solicitations. I couldn’t imagine a Vader romance story working. Thankfully neither did writer Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum and this story is very far from romantic. It’s much more a tragedy in the mold of Eminem’s Stan. If you like bad comics that are really fun, Dark Visions is the book for you. If you’re looking for a serious Star Wars story you’re gonna want to pass on this one.

I don’t need a miniseries depicting how people in the galaxy view Vader. It’s completely unnecessary territory to explore. In this critics humble opinion. If you are going to do it, you might as well have fun with it. Like Hallum did with issue 3. If you’re a serious Star Wars comic reader you don’t need to read this issue. It’s not a serious story and does nothing to expand our understanding of Vader or the Empire. It is very entertaining and fun. If you’re looking for a truly unique, oddball story in the galaxy far, far away check it out. You might find it as entertaining as I did.

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11 thoughts on “Star Wars Vader: Dark Visions – I Love a Bad Comic Book!”

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  2. It's not deep or imbued with symbolism or Jungian archetypes, but it is higly entertaining. I wouldn't mind more Star Wars stories like this. #1 is stupid fanfic, but I like the framing at least. #2 is OK if redundant. #3 is the best so far.

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