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Star Wars “Shattered Empire” – Complete Story | Comicstorian



38 thoughts on “Star Wars "Shattered Empire" – Complete Story | Comicstorian”

  1. Still does not explain what happened to the thousands of Star Destroyers the Empire still had after Endor.
    Or why their administration and military suddenly collapsed. The Rebellion was still outnumbered massively after Palpatine's death.
    The new time line has more plot holes than all old material together…

  2. What if Rey is there second future child. They have a force tree. Maybe that explains how she is force sensitive. Plus if Luke new her parents, that would make sense as tho why he would train her. Maybe Kylo Ren killed her parents.

  3. I thought it was awesome and well done how after almost 40 years Leia still felt the presence of Darth Maul at the site of the fight with Kenobi n Qui-Gon…..Deff. got a lil bit a' nostalgia from that. Even tho u didn't mention it here, If you've read it ppl will know what I mean.

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