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We’ve discussed how Anakin didn’t have a red lightsaber during Order 66, but in legends, theres an actual answer as to WHY he didn’t even want one.

Think Anakin could return in Episode 9 Rise of Skywalker along with Palpatine?



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30 thoughts on “Star Wars Reveals WHY Anakin Didn't Even Want a RED Lightsaber During Order 66”

  1. Anakin went from chopping off Mace Windu's arm to slaughtering everyone at the temple, to killing the Separatist leadership to losing his lightsaber to Kenobi all in sequence.
    No time passed in between. Like, at all.
    The amount of time between Mace losing his arm and Anakin losing his limbs can be measured in minutes…
    I don't see how this was ever a question.

  2. 4:45 while I probably misinterpreted it, but does that mean, stuff like the novelization of TFU 1 &2, Outbound Flight, Courscant Night trilogy, and dare I say "Death Trooper" amongst any other pre-ANH book Canon? Since they are in the realm of the Original trilogy and prequels?

  3. The old E.U. (aka Legends) was never canon. And I think you're doing a disservice to the fandom by muddying the waters like you do at the end of this vid. A rare misstep on your part; please don't make it your policy going forward.

  4. Red-bladed lightsaber making

    Disney Canon = Make the kyber crystal bleed by using dark side emotions
    Legends/EU = Put the kyber crystal into a burning furnace and meditated Sith energy into a it then it will turn synthetic (artificial)

    In my opinion the Disney Canon is better.

  5. Personally I prefer the legends explanation for how sith got a red lightsaber crystal. I think Anakin using the blue crystal was almost symbolic of how he truly was a good person who was doing horrible things yet still there was good in him. He was doing this out of desperation to save Padme, but he gets the red saber shortly after he gets his iconic suit, the true birth of Darth Vader as we know him and the red saber was the finishing touch of completion to his journey to the darkside! That's my take on it.

  6. Don't be fooled. It is canon. Don't let Darth Creedious and his Copy and Paste but in worse Army controle your thinking.

    The original concept of crystals was just fine.

  7. I really disliked this change. There's nothing more badass than using all your rage and darkness to synthesize a crimson crystal. Stealing someone else's seems kinda lazy. Then again, Disney being Disney, right?

  8. I think Disney's magic color-changing crystals are so dumb. It's blue because that's the color of the crystal, a lightsaber is a piece of technology, just like a blaster. Clones' bolts didn't change to red when they became evil. It just seems so cartoony to me.

  9. I liked the idea that this was a duel of a blue blade against a blue blade, because these were brothers fighting. It was something we've never seen before. It was always red vs. green or blue.

  10. Perhaps if you wanted to more easily accept both options being cannon it could be that putting a crystal in a furnace and meditating was the traditional method for making a red crystal and over time a faster method was discovered by making the crystal bleed so now there's two methods of making a red crystal that are both cannon and both work. Personal preference on which way you choose to do it.

  11. Lightsaber… bleeding? That has to one one of the absolutely stupidest why to make a lightsaber red.

    Legends explanation of corrupted Kyber Crystals is way better, and makes much more sense. Because you have to meditate with your crystal to attune it to yourself!

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