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27 thoughts on “Star Wars Expanded Universe Episode 5: Knights of the Old Republic”

  1. Hey Matt, another great video! The way many of these stories interconnnect with each other is a perfect example of the continuity within much of the material in the SWEU. It really goes to show that there was a lot of time and effort to keep it all cohesive and continuous overall. What a shame that something so painstakingly constructed and looked after was so callously and dismissively thrown away by the very people entrusted to preserve it… Shameful. 

  2. Thanks for that reading order, will do. 

    I agree that the subtitle "War!" really needs criticism. It provides some symmetry to the Expanded Universe, though it's a bit static. 

    I was looking forward to more comic books that deal with culture, anthropology, and history n the SW galaxy rather than constant conflict.  Nonstop action becomes repetitive.

  3. Lovin' this video series, Matt. As for the "War" thing, well, it is called "Star WARS" for a reason. 😉

    I just wish it had tied in more characters from the games. We got Revan, Malak, Carth, Mission, and Griff, but I would have liked to have at least seen Bastila, and possibly Atton as well.

    I have a few suggestions for your next video in this series, if you want to jot them down: someone following this chronological path should first play both KOTOR games in an uncanonical manner, i.e. play the dark side endings, and possibly play them with the characters being their opposite canonical genders if you want to experience that side of things (i.e. Revan as a woman and the Exile as a man). Then, once you're done with your dark side games, return to KOTOR 1, create a male character using the "Mullet Man" head choice, and play the light side path. Then, go and read the first half of Drew Karpyshyn's The Old Republic: Revan. Put that book down, pick up KOTOR 2 again, and this time create a female character named Meetra Surik and play through to the light side ending with her. Then return to the Revan novel and read it through to the end.

  4. Hey Matt, you may get a kick out of this little campaign being run by EU supporters. Some EU fans, not many but the number is growing, are hitting up stores with both Legends Books and the new novels and are moving the stock of the new novels to other parts of the store OR they are covering up the book faces of new novels with books with the Legends banner on it. I know it wouldn't be that hard for people to simply take a closer look to find the new novels but they'll at least have to see all the awesome Legends stuff that's on the shelves first. Mwahahahaha!

  5. I read the first 6 issues which are now called commencement and got them on Dark Horse's last day sale. Thought they were pretty good but also thought it got off to a kinda slow start. I'm kinda debating on whether or not I want the rest, to get it I'd have to but the omnibus from Marvel that kinda has the 6 I already have digitally… the rest worth it?

  6. I love this series probably my 2nd favorite series after Tales of the Jedi series!

    After 35 the storyline and plot dragged on and got boring but a great ending in issue 50 but then continuing it on with War was not a good move and it showed def a bad way to end it. Thats a funny Dave Filoni joke at the end, cracked me up lol.

  7. Matt didn't see issue 0 of knights of the old republic does it happen at a different time? Or did you just not put it through the the scroll of comics?

  8. Antos Wyrick is Demagol's actual name, not the name of the author. That would be John Jackson Miller.

    I absolutely love this series. A great introduction to the EU for me back in the day.

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