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7 thoughts on “Star Wars Comics: Darth Vader #13, Thrawn #2”

  1. Currently re-listening to the original Thrawn Trilogy… Nearly at the end of "Dark Force Rising". Honestly I think Disney would do well to hand over a lot more stories to Zahn.

  2. Mate! I wouldn't normally ask this but you should react to some of the new Forces of Destiny episodes, three of them, Unexpected Company, The Path Ahead and Bounty Hunted are great!! And Porg Problems is pretty good too, unlike the previous ones they actually have a purpose and add to the new canon.

  3. Lucasfilm has officially corrected both of the continuity errors from this issue of Vader. They changed the timeline to 1 year, and they changed Tarkin’s title from, “Grand Moff,” to, “Governor.” The change can already be seen in the digital version of the comic, and will be changed in all future printings.

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