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Rule of One

In the Star Wars mythos, there’s an idea of a Rule of Two. It’s a concept that is part of the canon of the movies in which (for the villains, the Sith) there can only be a Master and an Apprentice. One who “wields power” and the other who “craves it.” Before you dismiss the notion as a product of the cinema, I’d invite the reader to acknowledge this is the normal mechanism of failed relationships in our society.

Rule of Two

Think about it. How many times does a person buy an expensive car, expensive clothes, express their power in order to win over a mate? One who wields power, so the other can crave it. Yet, like the movies, it’s a relationship dyanmic destined for failure.

In my personal life, I’ve met leaders of studios. One leader commanded much power. When I met him (I’ll refer to him as Mr. K) he always had an entourage of women in tow. I knew this would become his downfall. After many years, I saw he stepped down as the head of a studio, due to his relationships with eager staff, wanting to get into movies. He wielded power, and found another who craved it. But it cost him everything.

Another case study is a fellow I met, who called himself a spiritual guru. He ran a rather obscure spiritual group that was a mixture of technology and psychic phenomenon. This psychic guru almost went to jail, when he was found having relationships with someone who claimed they were underage. The Guru wielded the power of his position, and it drew the cravings of a young member. As it turned out the angsty teen had just turned 18 when the relationship started. Still, the affair drew much ire against the Guru.

Relationships like this are destined to fail. Any relationship built upon a power dynamic where one is superior and the other craves that state, will only exist as long as the polarity between the two is in play. At some point the one in the lesser role, will achieve a state of parity with the power wielder and since the relationship is only based on what the lesser can gain, such a relationship will ultimately end – often in flames.

Spiritual Seekers

Not just carnal relationships are at risk of this dynamic. I’ve tasted the spiritual paths of over a dozen cults, religions and occult groups. In time, I found that this same dynamic was always at play.

Although such groups have more than two individuals in the dynamic, there is the “body” and the “leadership.” The body seeks the attention of the leadership, and a power dynamic is established. Such people remain positive to the leadership until they realize that they have gained all they can. It is at that moment they disperse, often in anger or frustration.

It is only natural for people to become angry and frustrated to a group or leader. Groups stifle Individuality. You can not be an Individual and a member of a Group. At some moment in time, one will discover their own Personal Wisdom… and often it will be at odds with the teachings. This leads to control mechanisms of the group, attempting to reel the member back in line.

If control works, the spiritual seeker will release their grip on Individuality, in order to slip back under the teachings of the leader… instead of finding their own truth, they Initiate the leadership in their work (rather than their own person). By blindly obeying rituals, ceremony and specific myth, they are taking on another’s path as their own – and this is the failure of true Spiritual Progression (which ultimately is Individuality).

Rule of One

My bias is that true spiritual growth does not occur through indoctrination or obedience, but through personal effort to find one’s own truth.

From this perspective, any attempt to overlay another’s spiritual path as their own is destined to failure.

One can read and learn about meditation, spiritual practice and so on, without falling into this power dynamic. But it must be done in such a way that the teaching and training is transitioned into one’s personal quest.

Meditation, magic, philosophy… all of it must be put under the goal of the quest for Self. The true Self that is expansive beyond the human expression.

Through this process of Isolation, one discovers their own mechanics of work… their own rituals, magic and philosophy. This is the Rule of One.

I do not profess that only ONE person will be on the spiritual quest at any one time, but rather that we can all attain our perfection but only through Isolate and Individual effort.

Where to Start?

A common question that comes up with this perspective is, “where do I start?”

In my case, I started with a Left Hand book called “Uncle Setnakt’s Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path.” Specifically with that work, I’d point any aspiring aspirant to read the section on the Grand Ritual and understand the nature of antinomianism.

We must start with a rebellion from the filters we were raised with. That might be a religion, non-religion, political party and so on.

Reading, and learning is not enough. I know of people and groups that sit around just talking about what they know. One must spend time in contemplation. For some, this might be to sit staring at a wall (Zen style), or for others, to sit before an altar. The idea here is to clear and still the surface mind, and then contemplate and reach out with your being for Truth & Inner Guidance.

If one has no knowledge of meditation, then a study of generic practices on Mindfulness, Zen, or Vipassana can be studied. Not for any religious trappings, which must be discarded, but for the effect of focus and mental calm.

Contemplation compounded with the search for truth and Inner Guidance will drive the antinomian work to its fruition.

Avoid learning resources that detail how to do the path. Books that read like stereo instructions on how to practice magic, or what beings to call upon, those books are attempting to instill a path. We are not needing to be told what to do, or who to be. We need to know the generics of practices, that through which we can discover our own nature.

That said, there are several books that inspired my own practice and work:

In the end, the works above may offer ideas on how to deal with situations, people, or spiritual work – BUT THEY WONT ACCOMPLISH YOUR PATH. Your path is the work itself, and the work must be unique to you.

What do you think?

Written by Skotadi

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