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So much news, so many Daniels. Terry Pratchett was honored at the Good Omen’s premier. Brandon is putting out more material. And studios will keep milking terminator’s dried up udders until the end of time. Enjoy fantasy news while I scream at my cat until the moons stops talking to me.

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34 thoughts on “New Brandon Sanderson Comic, Good Omen's Premier, Rift War Saga Adaptation – FANTASY NEWS”

  1. Using the likeness of someone who has already passed on… NOPE!!!
    1.) This kills the scene for me. I immediately start critiquing the play by play, camera work, digital work, back head of the double, and basically everything that was used. The phrase, "The show must go on," is pretty much annihilated at that point. I then catch myself grading the scene when done, having no true recollection of what the scene was about. Therefore, nullifying the foundational reason for the scene and the heart that went into writing it.
    2.) Also, it is making money off of someone's death and is distasteful, especially, if the actor was never on set during the making of that feature film and no actual work of the deceased individual went into it.
    3.) This would make people feel used and those who, with mental awareness toward foreword thinking, might expect themselves to be presented in a future film without their consent… long after their deaths.
    4.) I quote from the most sold book ever recorded in history, "Let the dead rest." Do not portray anyone who has not given consent. No one can argue on their behalf after death. NO ONE! ! ! ! Therefore, let the dead rest.
    Selfish reasons (The living sensitive reasoning): Those living feel wrong and eerie like a ghost on set having to watch. This puts the living actors at a mentally unprotected state during mourning, having previously known and or loved the deceased.
    Altruistic (Death sensitive reasoning): The dead don't earn paychecks and work, therefore… um… RESTing. Let them rest!
    Thank you for bringing this up, Daniel.

  2. 3:27 Kit had the problem way before season 8 premiere, most of the backlash less to do with the actors but the majority of the incompetent writing done by DD in S7-8 ( elements of 5-6). Most people have huge respects for the actors, production team, music, acting … ( for the majority of it except cinematographer for episode 3) but all that hard work undermined by such a terrible script.

    petition less to do with remaking the season but showcase peoples disappointed in DD terrible writing. Of course, they are toxicity ( minority) but that occurs in every fandom, but the large majority aren't blaming the actors ….

  3. I understand the use of digital recreation on deceased actor’s and the fuzzy ground that comes with it. I feel the best way to have it be clearer is to have it in a contract for older actors or have the actors give their consent for it pre-death. I know this has flaws too, but it’s a step forward.

  4. "didn't consent to be used" but they consented to be filmed, they were paid to have that footage used in a movie… So what if they died before it was released. Should I stop watching LOTR because Christoper Lee has died… no. it was filmed, with every intent to have it published. The date of death hardly matters. A much more intriguing topic would be if the artist was never involved in the world. Marlon Brando's voice was used in Superman Returns (2006) by data mining old archive footage to data-map individual words in the script to his past voice. It only worked because he such a large reputation. Also see recent holographic music productions ala Tupac. Supposedly the estate now owns the rights to the persons visual and vocal legacy.

    Also, please read more Pratchett. It took me 2-3 books to really get into it, but they were usually pretty fun. I had no idea what to expect with the first. Book 3 "Equal Rights", and Book 8 "Guards Guards" really show you the types of things, he's playing with. This jsut motivates me to pick up where I left off. They are short and a good break between tombs like Malazaan.

  5. New to the channel, have you ever discussed the rift war saga before? It was one of my favourites for a long time but I've had a few friends dislike it, and am super curious about the adaptation

  6. Rifrwar would be a brilliant one to adapt, has some great ideas and is different enough to stand out.

    Just watched the first episode of Good O,ens, liking it so far.
    I am a huge David Tennent Fan from Dr Who days.

  7. I think using pre-recorded footage of a deceased celebrity to complete a project they were initially involved in is above board. I also don't feel like Rogue One did anything out of bounds either, Grand Moff Tarkin as a character was spot on, and i doubt the original actor would have objected, and Princess Leia said one line. I do think going forward that laws about using a celebrities image will have to be addressed, the technology could be easily and readily abused by Hollywood.

  8. From what ive seen in the last few years of Harrison Ford? Hes kind of an asshole…. Sorry to say. Love Han, Love Indie, but Harrison really comes off as kind of a douchebag

  9. I have no problem with them using a dead actors likeness under limited circumstances. In the specific case you mentioned, Princess Leia was meant to feature in the whole of the current trilogy so to some extent, consent was given prior to Carrie Fisher's death. They need to give that character some form of a send off even if the her role is reduced.

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