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Today, we take a close look at the Star Wars Legends Expanded Universe, examining which books a new reader should check out, and how to start reading Star Wars Expanded Universe content including books, comics and more — my version of a Star Wars EU Reading Guide.

From the Thrawn Trilogy, to Darth Bane to the Yuuzhan Vong, we’ll discuss it all!

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20 thoughts on “MUST READ Star Wars Legends Books, and Where to Start | Star Wars EU Reading Guide”

  1. Just do what I do, read them all! Almost all of the Old Republic era novels are great, I honestly can't say i've read a Star Wars book that I didn't like. Most of the time i get so into the story if put off real life stuff just so i can keep reading a little longer, like sacrificing a good nights sleep because I had to read just one more chapter. And once I read that chapter I gotta read another.

  2. Just finished the Bane trilogy for the second time. Absolutely would recommend, it’s excellent. Personal favorite is Path of Destruction (book one), but each has a very unique feel and each need to be checked out.

  3. Disney should have taken more cues from The Jedi Academy Trilogy….far superior portrayal of the classic 3 heroes….if you were crushed by the abomination that is TLJ…read Anderson’s trilogy….Star Wars IS forever in the EU….

  4. To me, there’s a timeless quality to not only the graphics/animations in kotor 1 & 2, but just about every aspect of that game. I remember the first time I played it- I was never really sure why I had been a life long Star Wars fan… The trilogy of course held many warm and fuzzies for me… but ultimately… nothing really did it for me. So- why?
    And then, in 2003, I picked up a copy of kotor…
    And I realized- this is why I’ve always been a Star Wars fan. It wasn’t so much the prior material- but the universe that was created for us all to play in (so to speak). And, in the case of kotor, I felt as if whatever it was that captivated that realm of possibility for me was executed beautifully in that game… the mystery, the intrigue, fucking LIGHTSABERS!!! :D, sci fi-fantasy, … the aesthetic… characters..

    I don’t think anything will ever compare to that experience. And I’m not being hyperbolic. Some may think that’s “sad”- but let me just shove that assessment down a flight of stairs by stating that by that time in my life, I had been a world traveler, successful entrepreneur, definitely wasn’t a virgin… so…

    Yeah- kotor was/is the best.

    Lol- I’m reminded of a day many moons ago, when a girl I had sort of started seeing came over to my pseudo-apartment (I had an unusual house) only to be completely disregarded by me as I stayed with firmly planted ass cheeks in office chair, face glued to the monitor, playing kotor… for hours… while she sat idley by…

    She didn’t leave…
    I forgot she was even there…

    It was hilarious.
    Well… probably not to her but,…
    I thought it was funny.

    I hope that one day… somehow.. someone or someones… can somehow make something comparable to those experiences.

    I don’t lavish over kotor 2 the same way because the game was unfinished when initially released. Only to have the unfinished previously unreleased material released many years later.
    Which, made that game great..

    So, kotor 2 is the best 2. But it totally wasn’t so much back in 04… or 05… whenever that came out.


  5. I agree with everything you said! Shame on the Disneys pets who disliked this video. Disney killed Quinlin Vos and now I want revenge! Lol! (I'm kinda not kidding.) shame on you canon boys! Boooooo! Great vid. @EchartsLaddet

  6. To have a true understanding of Star Wars is the beginning how the jedi came about and the sith and so on . Now some of the stories are bad very bad when it comes to the sith lords story. For example after Darth Bane the sith lords wasn't good to read up on until Plagueis and Darth Sidious Then Vader. But from Bane and going back to the beginning is great

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