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Do you ever read comics with music in the background? Have you ever wondered if those sweet jams are helping or hindering your reading comprehension? Today, Auram is breaking down the science of our brains on music to find out the best way to read comics!

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31 thoughts on “How MUSIC Changes the Way You Read COMICS! – Comic Book Science || NerdSync”

  1. i always listening to music while i'm reading, because somehow it makes my mind imagine better and focus better and it gives me so much enjoying while i'm reading..
    but sometimes yea i like instrumental but i always prefer something with metal type..
    Kindly Note – i love both
    Instrumental music & Lyric music
    i just was reading Comics and listening to Megadeath – but acoustic songs

    and sometimes i like to put 2 things together Art & Music

  2. I tend to listen to music while reading, It usually does have lyrics, but often in a language I don't speak, or if it is in a language I speak, it's a song that I've heard so many times, that the words have largely become meaningless/unnecessary unless I actively try to focus on the song, it just seems like white noise. I do keep it quiet though, the louder it is the harder it is to ignore.

  3. my brain processes sung lyrics differently then spoken words; and I think there's been studies that sugest that all brains do. As you might guess, I almost always read with music. The only times it's distracting that I've noted is when I don't know the song very well, or when the phrasing gets very converluted (not something that happens in comics, but in novels).

  4. I listen to music like Tycho, Sigur Ros or Pelican when reading comics. To a lesser extent I also listen to bands like Isis, Cult Of Luna and Neurosis, which do have lyrics/vocals but are largely instrumental for the most part.

  5. Here are some instrumental music suggestions. Let me know what you think!
    Good background music: Ulrich Schnauss
    Spooky/sci-fi: Zombi
    Happy computer blips: I Am Robot And Proud
    Retro 80s: Com Truise

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