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Following heated discussions in the COMMENTS (link below) about the quality and merit of the other Disney Star Wars ‘Galaxy Of Adventures’ episodes Sprocket List has discussed them with a committee and formed a certain point of view.

Featuring the ‘voice talent’ of Dingus who’s appalling British accent required subtitles.

“Film History Rewritten? Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure, Princess Leia The Rescue comparison”

Reviewed in this video:

* Luke Skywalker – The Journey Begins
* Darth Vader – Power of the Dark Side
* Luke vs. the Wampa – Cavern Escape
* R2-D2 – A Loyal Droid
* Chewbacca – The Trusty Co-Pilot
* Darth Vader – Might of the Empire
* Princess Leia vs. Darth Vader – A Fearless Leader
* Luke vs. the Death Star – X-wing Assault
* Han Solo – Galaxy’s Best Smuggler
* Chewie vs. Holochess – Let The Wookiee Win
* Luke vs. Emperor Palpatine – Rise to Evil
* Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader – Join Me
* Yoda vs. Count Dooku – Size Matters Not
* Princess Leia – The Rescue
* Stormtroopers vs. Rebels – Soldiers of the Galactic Empire
* Luke Skywalker – Lightsaber Training

all © Lucasfilm/Disney and used under the Fair Use principle

Star Wars Kids


‘ALIEN’ © Twentieth Century Fox


5 thoughts on “Galaxy Of Adventures RAPID RESPONSE REVIEW ✅❌ Disney's Star Wars Kids episodes reviewed in one take!”

  1. I agreed with you on mostly everything, but I still disagree with you on the Leia episode. All of the characters felt like slightly exaggerated versions of themselves from ANH. Leia being bossy, taking charge and having an attitude like she was working with idiots? Yeah, I’d say that was in the film. Han hating every second of Leia taking charge of the mission, but having to go along with it because she was the one who was gonna give him a reward? Yeah, film accurate. And of course, Luke still being an inexperienced, naive kid. Not to mention Leia surprising everyone else by being so aggressive and knowing how to handle herself. Again, it’s just exaggerating this whole scene, and all of the other clips it shows off.

  2. I just wish everyone that watched the take their time to continue with this, but I guess the title of the other is way more clickable and nobody pays attention to your comment due to anger that leads to hate and then leads to suffering.

  3. I don't understand why people just can't get over their politics and just enjoy something. The animation is fluid and polished. Keep in mind they gave to condense these moments into about a minute or two. The demographic here is for first time Star Wars fans. A way to introduce the younger audience to the, mind the pun, Galaxy of Adventures.

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