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37 thoughts on “DOOMSDAY CLOCK #10- The Best Issue Yet…Absolutely Phenomenal”

  1. They're reeeeeeeeealy dragging out this fight between Manhattan and Superman. I only wish they were filling all the dead space with something besides introspective wanking… Oh well, at least its a change from all the relentless, brain-dead SJW garbage out there.

  2. All I want is Doomsday Clock to be finished so HiC can be retconned out of existence and the JSA can come back (and hopefully not be defiled by DC).

  3. Doomsday Clock has been great and this issue was amazing. It's too bad that Didildo destroyed all the great Rebirth tie-in stuff.
    Geoff Johns needs to be in charge of DC at this point.

  4. I have Watchmen in my hands right now and Zack you are wrong about Alan Moore's story inserts. They are average 3 pages not an entire chapter.

  5. So basically Dr Manhattan is Dan Didio who made the changes and us fans don't like the new 52 version of superman which is out off character and we see doctor Manhattan (Dan Didio) as a villain. Lol this issue reflect the problem of the new 52 and how was the DC universe ruined during that time. I have read this issue 3 times 10/10 for me it is delayed masterpiece lol

  6. Title promising. I stopped watching your Doomsday Clock reviews months back when I decided I'm going to wait for the series to finish so I can just read the whole thing at once.

  7. Marv Wolfman and George Perez did wonderful work on rebooting the Teen Titans, but DC Comics made a huge mistake by agreeing to their idea of eliminating the DC multiverse and publishing the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series.

  8. 1956 is when the Superman titles, under the control of editor Mort Weisinger, established an Official Continuity for Superman. Any previous story that contradicted that Official Continuity — everything from the '30s and '40s (except maybe some Superboy stories) — was ignored, as were any '50s stories that conflicted with what became Official. (The idea of relegating "Golden Age" Superman stories to "Earth-Two" came years later, and even then there were a few details that contradicted what was in most of those stories.)

  9. I was quickly going over your older videos of this series. It took your emotions from high to low. Think about it the buildup of two years is just for this. Usually brilliance and greatness take a long time to do well, and it's important how you finish. It can't start at this issue, because you loose all the emotional buildup.

  10. Doomsday Clock is such a good series. But I really wonder if DC or even Geoff Johns has talked to Alan Moore about this book. I would like to think that Geoff Johns at least talked to Alan Moore about it.

  11. This was great! With this and other great series DC is making like Justice League (a must read), the Batman Who Laughs, Justice League: Odyssey, etc, they are killing Marvel in the comic book standpoint at the moment.

  12. The first appearance of Watchmen in print was a free issue of Spotlight advertising it. There is an advert for a Nathanal Dusk mini series next to it. Geoff Johns knows everything about comics i bet that's the reason with Dusk is an important part of the story. I'm going to pull that mini series out of my long box, i think he got addicted to heroin in it but i could be remembering it wrong.

  13. Think you missed the point about him visiting the guy. He wasn't checking in on him year after year; it was him skipping ahead in time as he tried to "calibrate" himself to where he was in the multiverse. He couldn't care less about the guy. He was just using him as a landmark to get his bearings.

    Also, if you'd ever finished "Sandman" you'd have seen this as a rather obvious homage/ripoff to Morpheus and Hob in issue 13, "Men of Good Fortune," my personal favorite issue of the entire Sandman run.

  14. I found this issue very difficult probably because I'm not an expert on the DC universe. This video helped clarify things/intentions however it's like u almost suggest : it feels like it renders all the previous issues redundant. The final two issues will tell of course. Will have to read all 12 in one go once it's done. Time between issues discombobulates the narrative.

  15. I forgot about this comic and will wait for the graphic novel ,which should be around 2025?
    Zach sell me some of you comics I have all this money what with bad industry comics and trash movies not getting it : )

  16. I like how Mister Miracle started great but ended piss poor while this started really pretentious and cliche, but slowly turned into a great overall story.

  17. One of my closest friends loves Watchmen even more than I do, and when he told me Doomsday Clock was good, I didn’t believe. After reading what’s come out, he was wrong. It’s not good, it’s fantastic.

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