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Darth Vader Dark Visions #3

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37 thoughts on “Darth Vader calls a woman garbage and triggers Twitter”

  1. How would these SJWs react if there was a gender switch version of this story? What if a male medic became obsessed with the sexy Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand? He sneaks into her quarters. She sabers him and summons stormtroopers.

    "Get this ..thing… out of my quarters!" she orders them.

  2. As a quote from The Force Unleashed video game "credits, starships, Imperial lives. They're all meaningless to Vader." Intact in, in that very video game, Vader adopted a small boy, raised and trained him to be his Sith apprentice and when Vader had no further need of the boy, he tried to kill him. If Vader was willing to do that to a boy he raised, just think what he would do to a random women who entered in room.

  3. And it also showers you how if a liberal were to go to a person from Isis, what they would do if they met them with love and acceptance…they will kill you! So stay away from danger. That is the key point in this. This women is a psychopath!

  4. I don't think the 'Aftermath' trilogy was terrible. It wasn't GREAT, but I've read far worse additions to the Canon. The Prequel to Rogue One comes to mind, being a dry, unreadable slog of a book, who's ONLY bright spot was the talk about crystals.

  5. It’s Vader of course he’s just gonna kill someone like it’s nothing regardless of who they are, he’s proven that quite a bit sure she was in love with Vader/anakin but so was padme and look where that got her

  6. Well I considered Vader was absolutely right. I mean she was stupid enough to fall in love with an 1/3 machine Sith Lord and as far as I know Sith Lord all of the ways care only for themselves

  7. And by the way what the hell could she have done I mean everything that could ever happened between her and Vader got burned in lava…. you know skinny dipping your bits in lava usually end up with the deep fried….

  8. The only one afaik that Vader cared about was Luke, and that was really only after watching his son get tortured in front of him. So the people complaining about this can take a saber to the chest.

  9. Well considering how evil that women in the comic kinda was or could have became if she lived after Vader stabbed her. She kind of is garbage. I kinda glad she died she would have become a psychopathic monster if she lived. Besides Vader is basicly space Manson, through his entire history of evil, killing a obsessed women isn't the worst thing he's done

    Also the comic wasn't that bad, still could have been better

  10. I mean when a part of your audience gets triggered on twitter every time a villain acts like a villain, it would be hard to not hold them in contempt…
    I think the freaky far apart eyes were intentional, just because they're rather consistently spread like that. It makes her look all the more deranged and unsettling.

  11. A villain being a villain against evil (white) men is perfectly fine, but you can't do that against wuuummaaannn… That's patriarchy, sexist, racist, ist ist ist, rreeeeeeee. And no, we are not being hypocrites… RRRREEEEEEEEEEE

  12. The really sad part about this, is just how close to reality it is. Think of all the convicted serial killers in prison that get many love letters and marriage proposals by women that are infatuated with them. The only reason most of those women are still alive, is that the object of their affections is locked up behind bars.

  13. I don't understand
    how does that even triggers anybody
    Vader dosen't care about male or female, if anybody sees him without his mask, they die. tbh that woman was lucky to die like that, a quick death

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