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The Comics Aficionados are debating C.B. Cebulski’s Marvel Comics legacy. They also discuss the current civil war in comicsgate.

In November 2017 Marvel abruptly fired EIC Axel Alonso, naming former Manga author C.B. Cebulski to the position. It was an admission Marvel Comics agreed with consumer concerns regarding the direction of the publishing house. Frustrated readers and customers who exited the hobby were equally excited to see many of Marvel Comics issued resolved. Marvel wouldn’t be fixed overnight but change was coming.

20 months later, all the shine of C.B.’s appointment to EIC is worn off. There has been some progress under his leadership. Marvel features a handful of great ongoing comic series in Immortal Hulk, Venom, Daredevil and Amazing Spider-Man. Marvel creators and editorial are noticeably more professional on social media and interacting with customers. With notable exceptions like Saladin Ahmed, Gail Simone and executives Tom Brevoort and Jordan White. However, a majority of Marvel’s issues when Cebulski ascended to EIC remain or became worse.

C.B. isn’t fully in charge at Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics Vice President of Content and Character Development Sana Amanat, despite technically being lower on the corporate ladder, has far more clout than Cebulski. Acording to the Pakastani-American, she was hired by Marvel because she has “something different to offer than the regular fanboy who has read comics since he was a kid. …she had a different voice, and that Marvel needed her voice in order to change Marvel.”

I could go all day on about Cebulski’s other leadership failures at Marvel. Tanking premiere titles Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man and Doctor Strange with incompetent, divisive and past their prime writers. Filling Star Wars comics with bottom of the barrel talents like Jody Houser, Tini Howard and Greg Pak. Continuing to employ anti-consumer executives and editorial staff like Tom Brevoort, Jordan White (who was recently promoted) and Alana Smith. Flooding the market with low tier SJW-centric series that generate zero sales or enthusiasm for the company. And continuing to hire YA authors with no interest in comics, the characters or it’s amazing history.

Marvel Comics has improved in some areas. Their upper-crust of comic books are very high quality. Disappointingly, you can count them on one or two hands. His creators, with a few notable exceptions, are more professional. But many of the issues plaguing the company when C.B. Cebulski became EIC have only gotten worse. I don’t necessarily think Cebulski wants to do a bad job or hates the customers. I think this was his dream job and he quickly found out it was his worst nightmare.

Being subservient to Sana Amanat hasn’t helped but it doesn’t excuse Marvel Comics continued reliance on fake milestones, pricing and variant cover schemes, constant reboots and worthless events. C.B. Cebulski is likely in way over his head and doesn’t have the required marketing skills, business acumen or creativity to fix Marvel Comics. Marvel will continue shedding readers and putting small businesses under until a competent leader who understands how to fix issues rather than maintain the status quo arrives. Likely nobody wants this more than C.B. Cebulski himself. At this point even he knows his time as EIC at Marvel is a complete failure.

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11 thoughts on “Comics Aficionados: CB Cebulski's Marvel Legacy, CG Civil War”

  1. EVS is why incould care less about CG or any indie associated with it. DnC and him are just outrage merchants. They refused to give me a refund. I dropped Jawbreakers a story of virtue signaling and bordom onto a CG cultist at my LCS. Wannabe TMNT Cyberfrog did not refund either. Hoping that cultist buys it off me.

    They are just like regressives aka progressives.

    Since dropping DnC and fellow idiots i have enjoyed comics a whole lot more. I dont have to prove my status, i dont have to only buy pre-approved books. Evs got me into GL but his channel took a hard turn 6 months before he quit DC. He is the biggest let down in comics imo.

    Also EVS thinks comics are a once a few years hobby, not a monthky afair is pure idiocy. Him also thinking people dont care about chars and only creators is also ridiculous.

    To me DnC and EVS are as bad or at least equal to the "sjw" they create faux outrage with. EVS is a herd thinker who abandons his supposed beliefs to virtue signal. DnC wants so bad to be mainstream he will do mental gymnastics that surprise even the herd-like Marvel and Disney movie fans. But that is how cults start, with peer pressure and soft propaganda. Perhaps people in the west will become third world smart and stop paying for propaganda, which is free everywhere else.

    EDIT: EVS is bad fir comic shops because his virtue requirements.

  2. +Thinking Critical Every longtime Marvel fan including myself accepted that Marvel is not the same anymore. It all went down starting with Bob Harrass. Tom DeFalco was the last good Editor after that, Marvel was never the same again. Quesada made it worse even when merging with Disney but that didn't stop the sales from going down further.

  3. Ill still follow people, esp if they have interesting opinions on comics, doesn't matter to me where they plant their flag. I mostly follow to see what might be worth picking up. The Pattern of Writers going woke does effect their work though. IE: Waid, Rucka, Simone, Busiek, among others. B.c the old stuff by them is fun. But everything after 2010 has made a sharp dive by those writers in particular. But because Marvel and DC are having the bad directives from upper management, well that leaves more money to find other sources of entertainment.

  4. I stopped buying from amazon because I had the same experience. The last 3 TPB’s I ordered were mailed in a floppy non-bubble envelope. They looked like garbage.

  5. As far as the CG thing, I treat them the same as I treat Marvel and DC. If they make books that look good I’ll buy them, if they make videos that entertain me I’ll watch them. I won’t be discouraged from backing their books by people who are against them, just like I won’t be discouraged from buying Marvel or DC by CG people.

    Good video!

  6. I think you guys pretty much nailed how the majority of us feel about CG right now. Anytime you bring something up about CG somebody gets their panties all in a twist. But the fact remains that there are elements within CG that are just downright ugly towards thoes who are simply asking the question. "What the hell is going on"???

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