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I hope you enjoy this next part of the 24 hour marathon! 💜

What does ASMR stand for?



A feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus.

Examples of different ways to experience ASMR~

🧠Physical ASMR
Feeling calm, sleepy, tingly or satisfied while having your hair brushed/styled/touched, getting your forehead rubbed or your face touched softly while getting makeup applied. Someone softly tracing upon your back.

🗣Auditory ASMR
Feeling calm, sleepy, tingly or satisfied while listening to a particular sound that triggers you. There are several different sounds that may trigger this feeling; such as a whispered voice, typing on a keyboard, water swishing sounds, listening to someone write, turn pages in a book, tap on objects, etc.

👁Visual ASMR
Feeling calm, sleepy, tingly or satisfied while observing someone create art, slice foods, carve soap, wood, candles, trace over shapes/letters with their finger or a pointer etc.

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32 thoughts on “ASMR Comic Book Read & Page Turning Sounds”

  1. Wow, after the day I've had today, I really needed this! I've been looking forward to this video so much, you have no idea! Thank you SO much, Primie Prim Prim; this video has made my day so much better. I actually went to the comic store downtown yesterday because they were having a 50% sale, and I found a small stack of old Sad Sack comics which I was so happy to buy. I didn't have many left (and none left from when I was little when it was my favorite comic), so I was so glad to find some more to own and enjoy. I even found some really neat issues I've never seen before. I got some issues of Little Sad Sack too, which was a spin-off comic of Sad Sack as a little boy! So that find yesterday makes this video even more well-timed for me right now!

    Anyway, I can't thank you enough for this video. It came at just the right time, and I know I will be watching it many, many times to relax before I go to bed. My favorite ASMRtist and my favorite comic book. 🙂

    I loved how you sounded out the sound effects and liked certain phrases like "Kidd's kid's kid", which did sound like "sk sk sk", LOL! I really loved your reaction to the expression "chew the fat", it was priceless! It's not a very common expression anymore but it used to mean talking to someone. It is a pretty weird saying, lol!

    Sad Sack comics make magnificent page turning sounds too, as evidenced in this video!

    Reading a Sad Sack comic with you was so much fun. Every time you read to us, in general, it's so comforting and relaxing. You have such a soothing way of reading that it makes us feel very cozy and happy. Your reading videos are amazing! 🙂

  2. Hey prim its tom hey I whanted to rely you, about an Awsome DVD I found at my store last night!!! It is a New super hero that I've never even heard of befor so I decided to buy it and watch it !!! And prim let me tell you this DVD is in a word, Awsome !!! It's called Valentine the Dark Avenger, it's about a vary Strong Female character who's a cross pollenatiom between bat girl and a Ninja Turtle , she's a real Bad Ass ninja Chick with Mad Ninja Skills who can really kick some major behind !!! She Tottaly Rocks, there's a lot of Easter eggs in this film too, in one of the scenes she's wearing an out fit that looks like April o Neal and she's driving a yellow motor cycle and right behind her there's a small Voltswagon bug that looks like bumble bee, the rest of the film she's wearing a bat girl like out fit with a ninja mask driving a black motor cycle, the ninja scenes are Epic Awsome there's a Villian who looks and acts like shredder, and the other elements in it are reminiscent of Bat Girl so there's a lot of wink winks in it !!! It's really vary good and on the front cover of the DVD they are calling her the Dark Avenger, Valentine !!! This is the part that really got my attention when I saw it because I figured that after End Game there whould Not be any more marvel films at all but this seems to open a whole New chapter in the super hero story lines so it really is going to be good !!! There were even post bonus scenes at the end after the credits !!! So you should really check it out prim because if you love comics and super Heros and I know you do !!! I know in my heart you will really Lovr this one too !!! So check it out !!! It's really Epic it's on the new releases wall at Walmart this week !!! It's called Valentine the Dark Avenger !!! It Tottaly Rocks !!! Much Love from tom !!!

  3. Sad Sack makes me think of Beetle Bailey. Funny to see comics out of stuff that I normally see as little strips in the funnies. By the way I love these. I feel like you're reading us a bedtime story.

  4. The alita battle angel manga is absolutely fantastic. You should start from the very beginning. This issue is quite far into the series and details some of the short stories on mars.

  5. 24 Hour Primathon Part VI – Turn the Page on a Sunny Evening!
    I think you forgot the red lipstick this time, although it seemed to be pink at one moment. I don't know why but I have a feeling that this comic book was sent by a person who likes to say the word "pulchritudinous". Another wondrous reading video Mrs Primio! I've noticed that on most of your reading videos, you start off being a bit serious, then you get goofier and funnier with every passing minute. This video was no exception, your reaction at 27:57 was the funniest moment of them all! A blue shirt? That's an unexpected turn of events! Lotion sounds? It better involve some finger fluttering afterwards or I'm unsubscribing, just kidding, lol! Congratulations on 52K subscribers!

  6. This was my very first complete issue of Sad Zack, a pretty funny and endearing character I have to say! As usual, you are a fantastic storyteller and you have an obvious talent for making everything even more lively, Prim. I always love the way you read the dialogs with your own intonations and stressing!! In this one, I especially loved the sea witch of the longer last story, that didn't let our hero pollute thoughtlessly the environment. I also love it everytime Sad Zack makes the sergeant crazy! Thanks a lot to Tom for bringing us these amazing stories!

  7. Didn't know what asmr was till about a month ago.I've listened to a few but only subscribed to this one as it's the best …very relaxingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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