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Here are all the fun facts, references, easter eggs, and Legends connections I found in the new book, Star Wars: Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray!

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34 thoughts on “41 Fun Facts from Master & Apprentice – References, Easter Eggs, Legends Connections, and More!”

  1. I'm so happy they addressed obi-wans age. Being in his late teens works better than his early 20s in The Phantom Menace. It helps us know Obi-wan is old in the original trilogy, and not just very unhealthy due to desert climates

  2. There is also a mention of the fathiers racing on the same planet that the lizard thing was on and how you will never see them in a different planet but as seen in 8 canto-byt managed to have major success getting them there

  3. I laughed when Qui-Gon used the word "karabast." Zeb's legacy lives on! (in a manner of speaking–zeb comes way after this book–so his legacy extends into the past–yesh)

  4. I quite enjoy how Claudia handled Czerka for the new canon. Ever since Plagueis and Tarkin came out I’ve had a new appreciation to the era prior to the phantom menace.

  5. Serious question.

    If Dooku was training to be a Sith prior to Ep1 then how many Sith were running around the galaxy at the time?

    What about the rule of 2?

    Sidious mentioned to Maul before their duel (with Savage) on Mandalor.
    "Remember, the first and only reality of the Sith… there can only be two".

    If Sidious abandoned it, then why was it just him and Vader for 20 years after Ep3?

    This truly doesn't make sense dude.

  6. Hey Alex. Just started listening to master and apprentice for a second time. Avaross seems to have an alias that’s referenced at the very beginning. Does that have any legends or canon significance?

  7. My favourite part is on page 12 where Claudia Grey writes about if the Republic was to take down the hutt they would probably be a stronger hutt crime lord that will rise and there being lots of infighting between the hutts and the most strongest lesson in Star Wars nothing in the galaxy stays static

  8. I've been itching to watch this and the book review videos! Great job! I had to wait because I needed to finish the book first…which I finally did last night (been super busy with real life stuff). I loved the book, not Claudia's best Star Wars book, but better than most of the rest of the new Canon writers. Two things kept throwing me off and sort of brought me out of the story.

    1. The story line of Obi-Wan and his LOVE of flying sort of took me out of the story…which was resolved at the end of course.

    2. The other thing that threw me off was the story line of QGJ being asked to be on the Jedi Council. I loved the story line, and the difficulty it opened up with Obi Wan and them finding each other as Master and Apprentice…that was great…but it makes this conversation from TPM sort of silly:

    OBI-WAN : The boy will not pass the Council's tests, Master, and you know

    it. He is far too old.

    QUI-GON : Anakin will become A Jedi…I promise you.

    OBI-WAN : Don't defy the Council, Master..not again.

    QUI-GON : I will do what I must.

    OBI-WAN : Master, you could be sitting on the Council by now if you would

    just follow the code. They will not go along with you this time.

    QUI-GON : You still have much to learn, my young apprentice.

    With the book being 8 years (or so prior), they both know that QGJ would be on the Jedi Council had he just decided to be on the Council. I know its not a big deal, but, it just took me out of the story knowing this.

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