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    Drawing in the Enemy

    Most learn the art of manipulation as children. Children learn quickly what a parent’s weaknesses are. They may plead, beg, give a look, or pester a parent until they get what they want. In my case, I don’t believe I ever manipulated my parents but I did manipulate a bully in school. It’s an interesting […] More

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    Falling an Emperor

    Deception, treachery and mischief, these are the weapons to fall an emperor. The work is hazardous and often not worth the effort. One must have the proper motivation, as well as a keen focus to see it through. A steady hand that holds the proverbial blade is necessary, lest one lose fortitude and become the […] More

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    The Force & Magic

    Star Wars embodied the idea of a power that connected everything. The power itself was neither one way or another but could be used for so-called “Dark” or “Light” purposes. While that’s a story, a modern myth, it is wrapped in the tapestry of Daoism, and has some elements that would be found in modern […] More

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    Rule of One

    In the Star Wars mythos, there’s an idea of a Rule of Two. It’s a concept that is part of the canon of the movies in which (for the villains, the Sith) there can only be a Master and an Apprentice. One who “wields power” and the other who “craves it.” Before you dismiss the […] More

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    The Creature in the Cage

    In order to wield Force and Power, one must keep their emotions in check. There is a power in not reacting. Reaction should be handled under one’s will, so that no one ever gains a foothold. To loose control into an emotional state, is a great weakness. Yet it’s hard, very hard to sit and […] More

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    The Master’s Ear

    I want to express real practical philosophy. We should be willing to use techniques taught by various sources, no matter how unconventional it might seem. By being open to techniques from cults, religions, miscreants and the like, we may find an obscure technique or talent that garners the desired result. This story is one of […] More

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    Strategy of War

    War and conflict are aspects of our daily lives. Each of us is going into a battle every day we engage with others. There’s a conflict, a difference in views. Political inroads are made for or against us at our jobs, in our families and even in our social organizations (churches, schools and so forth). […] More

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    Foregone Conclusion (Example)

    Recently I was reading a book about a spiritual take on life. It was called Liber Nigiri Solis and on the 10th page it had a reference made to one Stuart Hall, who wrote an essay called “The Spectacle of the Other.” In wanting to know more of the intimate context of this analysis of […] More

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    One very important skill to have, is that of spotting bias. Bias is “to mean a preference for one thing over another, especially an unfair one.” The notion of unfairness brings up its own bias, but we can get the general idea that when someone has a preference for one thing over another, it is […] More

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    Conversational Control

    “Let me learn you something big,” a great quote, from a great movie. In all my life experiences perhaps the best advice I have is for those who are being controlled. Conversational control is a very powerful element that is often found in group modalities and hive-mind constructs. This is a utility that takes away […] More

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    Attacking with Context

    From time to time I hear or see a podcast, blog or television editorial that takes on a subject with the greatest of derision. With both barrels the subject is laid waste by the speaker/author, who issues confusion as to why such a philosophy began in the first place. This is the error of Attacking […] More

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